This is going to be a post in English, because I’m writing also to my fellow trend spotters at Trendwatching ( I’m also a trend spotter for them.

One of the trends the guys at Trendwatching are tracking is called Urban Pride. In short, it refers to products/services that leverage on the love and pride people show for their places.

I’m living in Australia right now, as part of my round the world trip.

And here I found Urban Pride to be greater than in the 17 countries I explored previously in the expedition.

A lot of brands bring a “Proudly produced in Australia” or a “100% Australian Made & Owned” to reinforce the sense that the product is produced in the country, from local ingredients, by local people, sold by a locally owned company.

It is a broader view of the Urban Pride, because it refers to country, not only a city, but it is so strong I could not prevent myself from sharing. Check the pictures: just going through my fridge quickly, I found all these “Urban Proud” products.

Do you have more examples of products that take on the Urban Pride approach?




Trendswatching: Urban Pride in Australia
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One thought on “Trendswatching: Urban Pride in Australia

  • January 4, 2013 at 12:21 pm

    Pois é MP, que interessante essa visão deles. Parabéns pelo post, são coisas que às vezes não percebemos quando viajamos. Sinto que só temos o “orgulho” brasileiro quando falamos de futebol, mas para outras coisas não nos damos conta do que é produzido aqui, ou melhor, nem sabemos e também muitas vezes nem damos importância a isso… temos que aprender um pouco a ter orgulho da gente…pena que nossos políticos fazem questão de nos decepcionar a cada dia. Beijos.


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