People in the Silicon Valley are insanely productive. They bustle & hustle building new business, negotiating with investors, pivoting, and breaking paradigms. One of the mantras here is:

Get Shit Done

Since there is no good in my telling you about new business trends or the genetics of the entrepreneur if you are consumed by your routine, I want to share productivity hacks & tools I learned here (and some of my personal tricks).

Productivity is not getting more work done. Is working smarter.

– Make time work for you: When I go over my to-do list, I select those activities that depend on somebody else to move forward. I do them first. This means, for example, sending a customer a proposal for approval, before diving into a report that I have to write by myself. This way, while I go over the rest of my stuff, time works in my favor as the other person takes the needed actions. Just like turning on the oven before you start preparing the food.

– Make people’s actions work for you: I love tools that help me understand how people engage with me. I use Sidekick to track if and when people are reading my emails, and I love ClearSlide to get insights on how my contacts interact with files I send them.

– Make timing work for you: reaching people when they are paying attention to you is critical. I use the 5-minute rule: when an important email arrives, I stop whatever I’m doing and I reply within 5 minutes. Usually, that establishes a messaging dialogue and end up in decisions (instead of me buried in someones inbox). Also Sidekick shows if a forgotten message is getting attention from my contact. I, then, send a quick note that arrives (coincidentally?!) at the very moment the person was reading my email!


– Make technology work for you: First, get yourself a Gmail (personal or business, doesn’t matter, make it a Gmail). Then, use these awesome productivity extensions: (to schedule meetings in a heart beat), Boomerang (to schedule and prioritize emails), Rapportive (to learn more about your contacts)

– Make you work for you: Have your ever worked all day just to seat in the couch at night and wonder what the heck did you really get done? Feeling that the (seemingly) urgent stuff diverted you from doing what mattered? To make sure I keep up with what is truly important for me, I use a technology-free tool – the FlipBand. Super simple, yet powerfully effective, my FlipBand reminds me to stick to my goal: writing to you!


Which if those tools & hacks do you plan on trying? How do you get sh*t done? Please comment and share!

5 productivity hacks from the Silicon Valley
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One thought on “5 productivity hacks from the Silicon Valley

  • February 19, 2016 at 8:50 am

    With all these great tools spying on people you want to influence, how can you be sure they do not spy on you? in fact, I am pretty sure they do siphoning your info to someone you don’t even know. So, are you ready to put your confidential info vs your efficiency? And we are not talking about privacy here, we are talking about business that can be easily stolen from you by your tools.
    Lets take the Boomerang, for example, their front page has counters on how many emails delivered and how many business served. Great, not even hiding they have a feedback line open in the app, so how much of other your info is going back through? And what a great name – Boomerang – if you do not hit the target with it, it is going back and hitting you, excellent, telling the truth is always great.


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